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☠i'm Cate☠

seventeen, east coast, USA
All around fuck you attitude, dealing with depression & anxiety. My name is Cate, I live in the shitty east coast.I need to get out of here; far, far, away. TRIGGER WARNING

Messages are always welcome.
I like to talk to people who are similar to me. I love pop punk, and sometimes rap. I like hanging out with my best friends and my boyfriend. I probably like you too. Staying clean from self harm. Love me.


>>>>Q: how old are you?
A: seventeeen c:
>>>>Q: where are you from?
A: east coasttt :x
>>>>Q: do you give advice?
A: yeahh, message me anytime i can answer privately or post it just let me know xx
I really wanna fucking die :)

I’m always complaining about the same shit.. when do I start to feel better? or is suicide the only fucking option :(

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